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Clutches in the Exedy Racing Special Performance Range are intended for special applications where a greater level of performance is required, for example in competition use or where the vehicle performance has been increased.
In most cases the clutches in the range can be fitted to the original flywheel without modification and the standard release mechanism is retained. The two main components are the cover assembly and the driven plate which must be compatible with one another to provide satisfactory clutch performance.

Twin Plate Clutch

The twin plate clutch developed for motor sport is designed for higher torque, while at the same time featuring a reasonably light touch on the pedal control. Our twin plate clutch boasts the substantial torque capacity and sensitive response called for in
high-performance sports cars. In addition, for drivers looking for an even higher torque, specialised hard settings are available. Two separate settings allow the driver to select the type that matches his or her individual preference.
The twin plate clutch used in Exedy clutches manufactured by Exedy Corporation is available in both push and pull type models. Because the pull type completely eliminates the need for a conversion kit for the release system, expenses can be kept to a minimum and the clutch can be installed without requiring any further modifications. Drivers who prefer a much lighter touch on the clutch pedal can take advantage of an operating cylinder specially designed for the higher torque models. This is sold separately.

Single Plate Clutch Set

This model, designed with racing specifications, features a more sensitive response than the normal model and is a component designed exclusively for competitive use. This is the ideal clutch set for N-1 endurance races, drag races, time trials and other competitive events. By reducing the thickness of the friction materials, the inertia movement of the disc is decreased enabling a quicker shift.
The friction material used was developed specifically to withstand the high torque produced at start up and acceleration.
Always use the clutch disc with the correct matching cover.


In addition to accumulated know-how as a clutch specialist the latest CAE equipment has been introduced. By utilizing CATIA (3D design) and FEM (Finite Element Analysis) engineering the most appropriate designs and configurations are tailored to meet each customer's individual requirements. Diaphragm springs, a key component of the clutch assembly are also designed and made by Exedy to realize ultimate performance.


Exedy multiplate clutches are assembled by hand with the finished products being individually assessed for clamping load and release characteristics ensuring high quality at all time. Exedy obtained the quality rating ISO9001, encompassing plants and products, in 1999. QS9000, a US Big-3 standard, was also certified. This shows the superiority of Exedy's quality control system.


Exedy have developed various test benches for tests too dangerous to be conducted in a vehicle. These are reproduced on test benches with the reliability of products being evaluated.
At the Exedy test track various driving conditions, from normal to severe, are evaluated with information being fed back to the clutch design department. In the actual vehicle, clutch systems are tuned to attain the best clutch for the given circumstances.
Clutches developed for mass production have been tested in the field before being introduced into the market place. Experts in each category perform a thorough evaluation of these clutches which ensures that products passed in these tests will be fit for sale.

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